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    Just in case anyone was doubting the power of music and its ability to connect souls...

    Just a portion of the article...

    -- Zach Sobiech is dying with grace, love, joy and optimism -- the kind that somehow makes us all feel more alive.

    When he was 14, Zach was diagnosed with
    osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer that mostly strikes children. His prognosis wasn't great. Last May, with no more treatment options, he was given just a year to live.

    Zach turned 18 on Friday. On Saturday he went to prom with his girl, Amy. His high school class graduates next month.

    Zach began writing music after his cancer was diagnosed. His mom, Laura, was cleaning the family room downstairs last year when she found a folded-up piece of paper. She unfolded it to make sure it wasn't a homework assignment.

    "I read through it and then I realized what I was reading," she says.

    It was his first song, "Clouds." Zach wrote it for himself and his family. He has since written many more.

    "I fell down, down, down into this dark and lonely hole," he sings at the beginning of the song.

    His voice is beautiful, mellow -- kind of reminiscent of Jack Johnson's.

    When Zach's song was
    posted to YouTube it quickly went viral, getting more than 2.6 million page views.

    Now there's a
    new video you ought to see. On Monday, dozens of celebrities posted a love letter response -- joining forces to lip sync to Zach's voice, singing "Clouds."

    "And we'll go up, up, up, but I'll climb a little higher," sing Jason Mraz, Anna Faris and Rainn Wilson.

    "Go up in the clouds because the view's a little nicer up here, my dear," sing Bryan Cranston and Rachel Bilson, Ashley Tisdale and Colbie Caillat.

    "It won't be long now," sing the Lumineers.

    "If only," sings Sarah Silverman, "I had a little bit more time."

    It's a hello to Zach, and a farewell. It's a collective expression of love and gratitude.
    The celebrity video:

    Very cool thing that these people did, and what a story about Zach.

    Sometimes, we just need reminded a bit.
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