First off, before this goes another f@$kin' second, let me say that I don't want to hear any other ideas, or reference ANY other thread about things that may have happened, or emotions people are still carrying around from previous incarnations of what the concept of what a "Forum Guitar" should be... This is a different idea.

What if I (not an employee of PRS or of really anybody right now, with zero affiliation with any marketing agency, and nothing to gain outside of injecting the world and this forum with some much needed positive energy) bought a cheap-ish SE with the intent to add something to it, and sign it, and then ship it to the next person who signs up for this social experiment, who will then in turn do the same and ship it to the next person?

What if by the end of this we could get enough trusted forum members to agree to do this and follow through that we could garner the interest of the PTC and PRS to clear coat the sucker and put it up for auction for charity?

It's just an idea I'm throwing out there.

It would require some effort.

Even if you could only afford to get it shipped to you so you could snap a pic and sign it, would you be into it?

Please keep in mind that I am one of the poorer of our forum's demographic, I can't really afford to send this off (or at all) and not ever let it see its intended destination.

I suppose a signup list would be in order, but before that I want to see if we would all be interested in the idea, or if I"m just being idealistic.

Bad idea? Good idea? A total nuclear explosion to my face idea?

What say you?