Okay, this is the thread where we will gather all of the people who have parts to add to the "Forum Guitar" and decide what we will be modding it with.

We are depending upon donations for this but as far as what we will be putting on there, we still need a plan.

The basis of our guitar that Brian G. has donated looks something like this:

The first thing we need to do is have people who would like to have a part in the modding process to propose exactly what they have to add. After we hear what our choices are we will come to a general consensus of what will go where... and when.

I feel as though we should try to make this as cool and useable of a guitar as possible, somebody else will end up walking away with the guitar when this is all said and done, but in the meantime... We all get to play it! So let's make it awesome!

Adding a modification (besides you signature) is not a requirement for everyone who wishes to contribute to this project, but having an opinion on what we are going to do is a requirement!

My initial inspiration for this guitar comes from the amazing experience I had while completing my "Blanc" CE project. There are parts on it from at least five different forum members whom I barely knew before their amazing contributions to it, and it makes it such a special guitar for me, (and the story isn't even finished yet!) that I really want to be able to share that same kind of "mojo" with our "New Forum Guitar". I'm sure there are a bunch of us (me the most) who would love to just mod the whole thing themselves, but when we all share in the work, it adds a greater feeling of community and satisfaction.

I want to keep this thread open for ideas and submissions until this Friday, and then we will move forward with the logistics of where and when.

This is going to be...... Bangin'