I have long felt a need for something resonant and sweet for certain projects. Ever since selling a 335 some years back, I haven't had that kind of vibe available. My SC58 was very resonant, but in a different kind of way, and the 58 is gone. The HB addresses that need.

I decided to put in an order for a HBII over the weekend.

It's what I really need for the work. And even though I can't really imagine being able to hear BRW v IRW fingerboard wood, I went with the BRW because...well...because it's available, and I figured I'd regret not going that way if it's an option.

I've had a semi-hollow CU22, and loved it. I have a feeling this will really be a great fit.

Also going with mahogany neck and 57/08s. That's my favorite configuration for this model.