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Thread: Tremonti pickups in Custom 24

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    Tremonti pickups in Custom 24

    Hi all -
    Have any of you folks tried a set of Tremonti pickups in a CU24 (or22)? I have a 1997 CU24 with the HFS/Vintage Bass pickups and they just seem "tired" is the only way I can describe it. I've had several CU's previously and even my CE24 sounds more "lively" with the HFS/VB combo.
    I'm thinking of trying a set and switching my 5-way rotary to the 3-way push/pull system. But, I wasn't sure if the Tremonti's were specifically designed with a Singlecut body/wood mass in mind???

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts, opinions, and/or suggestions!

    1997 Custom 24 - Ten Top - Birds - Emerald Green
    1997 CE-24 - Burgundy
    2012 Stripped 58 - Trampras Green
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