Before you jump to conclusions, that's not a new Artist Five - that's NAVD.

This is NAFD - new action figure day! More accurately, new Ace Frehley day...

Lil Ace respecting Cartman's authoritah...

Not visible in this pic are the two from the other side of the shelf - a Grim Reaper from Family Guy and Buddy Christ.

I found the Ace at a record store here - thought it was a bit pricey until I saw it was more than twice that online, so I picked it up. I left the base attached to keep it from losing balance and pitching forward just like the real Ace.

My wife still gives me crap about buying a full set from Wal-Mart when they were blowing them out and then not opening them, so I have to pull those out at some point. The record store has a special Alive! set - all four guys plus some instruments and stage stuff that's not available otherwise. They had the Creatures set, too, but the problem with those is having a place to set them up. This fits nicely above my DAW.

There's also apparently an HO-scale figure of a woman flashing - I told my wife I want that so I can pretend I have groupies!