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Thread: NGD: 2013 Santana is Jade!

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    NGD: 2013 Santana in Jade!

    Finally got around to taking pics of the new Santana! Killer top and color.

    I am admittedly a Private Stock snob, but this guitar caught my eye, and I dig it!

    I dig the the new 2013 Birds, best birds IMO since they got rid of Old Birds!

    Pretty cool that this production PRS has a Private Stock Eagle, nice touch!

    The back is a translucent green, looks cool. The neck is also green, but much darker:

    I am only playing or buying 24.5" scale PRSi these days, and pretty much addicted to Private Stocks. On a whim I traded for this one from a guitar I received on a trade, and I am very surprised with how happy I am with the guitar, plays and sounds GREAT! Not too rough on the eyes either.
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