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Thread: Handsigned Customs: Info needed

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    Handsigned Customs: Info needed

    Hi guys
    I just got this Custom 24 10 top quilt in Fire Red Burst. it's got a hand signed headstock in gold marker and Modern Eagle birds.
    I cannot find any info on this limited edition. The guitar is 2012.
    The backplate is not original, it's an old one I had signed by the Man himself at a PRS Forum Get Together back in 2001. I just think this guitar is the perfect fit for it.
    Any info like quantity produced, reasons, timeframe, etc. will be greatly appreciated.

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    Gorgeous guitar.
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    It's really a looker! I have no info on these, just wanted to pay a compliment.
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    It's from a 2012 Limited Run of 200 hand signed headstock Custom 24's with those new birds and the introduction of uncovered "Squabbin" 59/09 pickups to the Production line of guitars if memory serves...

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