I recently picked up a ribbon mic and have been trying to figure out how to optimally use it. I haven't been using my 513 very much lately, mainly because I have a bunch of options, and the 513 was on the bottom of the case pile for a while.

Anyway, I've been interested in seeng how the ribbon mic compares with an SM57, and pulled out the 513 just so that I could conveniently switch between several different tones. Man, that guitar not only covers everything, it's simply outanding at everything. As a gigging guitar, there really isn't anything more than any sane person could ever want (unfortunately, I'm not entirely sane....but that's a story for another time...)

The clip below is about as exciting as watching paint dry because each clip is repeated 3 times (the original purpose of the clip was to sort out the mic differences...) but it does show how versatile the guitar is. It also shows how much the mic makes a difference in recorded tone. I only played each clip once, recorded by the ribbon mic and the SM57 simultaneously. No other eq or processing post recording (the third version of each segment is just an equal mix of the two mics.)