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Thread: Buzz in 2 places

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    Buzz in 2 places

    So I have my PRS SE custom 24 since Nov, and it's still got that new guitar smell and feel
    Got a new Tusq nut installed about 3 months ago
    Last night I noticed I get buzz in 2 places now
    neck is slight relieved
    trem is almost level pointing down more toward the body / tail of the guitar

    I'm familiar with Strat setups .....

    What should be my adjustment? and how ?

    Maybe my nut was cut too deep ? Geez I HOPE not !

    It is kinda plinky now, up high on the fingerboard; frets 17-24 WAY low action and some bends sound like kitty

    I'm thinking to adjust my trem bridge, since my neck has more relief than I normally like

    It just started to get hot again here in the SE, with 80s to 90's outside and 78 inside

    Thanks for any helpful suggestions

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    The nut should only affect specific things. Playing open notes, and tuning or bending the string. The latter being an issue of the string catching or being squeezed by the nut.

    The truss rod, or neck relief, will really only affect the first 12 frets.

    Beyond that, it's all about the bridge. At that point, trem angle, saddle/bridge height, or fret placement is what will affect notes in the upper register. I would try getting the trem to sit parallel to the fretboard, then straighten the neck till the lower registers are comfortable as well.

    The other thing to consider is where exactly the "plink" comes from. Because a certain fret creates it, we assume the issue is at that fret, directly after. Sometimes a "plink" sound can come from before the fret, or even loose hardware which is resonant to the specific frequency of the note being played.

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    Good stuff CHris, I'll look into it when I get the chance
    It was a weekend at home so I play the good stuff, and noticed
    Might not be until next weekend until I can try again

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    one thing about prs bridges are that although it's a 6 point trem, it's made and needed to be set up to float. I had the same problem for what seemed like forever until i really got fed up of it, and took one free day to get everything sorted out. Check the nut height, you can fret the low E string at the 3rd fret, then lightly tap it to see if there's just a very tiny space for movement, if there's no visible movement at all, i'm afraid your nut is filed too low. i kept the bridge saddles low, which probably helped me out a lot. The bridge i floated it at 1.5-2mm high, then adjust the springs to make the bridge plate parallel with the body, i use 4 springs personally. after doing all that, you adjust the truss rod nut. The string height at the 8th fret with the 1st and 24th fret pressed down should be 0.010mm ( then it'll play fine.

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