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Thread: PRS 2Channel "H" Custom 50 with matching 2 x 12 IN STOCK

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    PRS 2Channel "H" Custom 50 with matching 2 x 12 IN STOCK

    Just unpacked this Smokin HOT new Amp and Matching Cab at Guitar Maverick!
    The Custom 50 watt amp has two channels, robust construction utilizing thick pc boards for consistency. All pots, jacks, power tube sockets & switchesare chassis mounted. 6L6 power tubes, fixed bias, effects loop, volume [pre/post], bass, mid, treble, reverb controls, bright switch
    for each channel, master volume for each channel, solo boost, 3 button LED footswitch, mid shift, depth switch, heavy duty stealth tolex and matching Charcoal Face Panels...
    more pictures on our website and also

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    Do want this exact combo (but maybe with black paisley..). One more guitar then it's PRS amp time!

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