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Thread: Met Paul at GC meet and greet last week

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    Met Paul at GC meet and greet last week

    Got to meet Mr. Smith at my local Guitar Center last thursday. What a fantastic individual. He was very nice, very funny, very informative, and kind of intense. I was the lucky one who got to pick out guitars for his shootout against the guitars he brought. He had his (wife's) PS Paul's guitar and a PS McMannus(sp) acoustic. I chose a Martin acoustic which Paul admitted sound really good. For the electric I picked a reissue '58 goldtop. It sounded very good also.

    He also went over some of the "Rules of tone" with us. His nut demo was awesome, with the new PRS nut clinking loudly on the floor. It was extremely informative and very fun.

    If anyone gets a chance to meet Mr. Smith at one of these, I highly, highly recommend going. It is well worth it.

    Got a pic with him to.. (thanks Brad!)

    And he had the Grainger prototype with him...Looks much better in person than in this crappy picture...
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    Met him three days ago and got to play "his" guitar. Very cool guy.

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    These are a pretty big success for everyone I'd say. I heard PRS was at Eddie's in STL and I didn't even know about it.
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    Looks like the Cincy store? I had to work that day so wasn't able to go, but heard it was cool.

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