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Thread: HBII Wiring Issues?

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    HBII Wiring Issues?

    Not sure my guitar is quite right. Back story:

    Last summer/fall I ordered my HBII artist package with 53/10 pickups, but it came with 57/08's. The dealer offered to have the 53/10's shipped out and installed by his tech in the store. He assured me the tech knew what he was doing, but in fact he did not. They gave me the guitar back and the electronics were a disaster. Some positions out of phase, louder, quieter than others, the piezo was blasting. I was not happy. Then the dealer arranged for me to go with the local PRS sales rep to visit the PRS west coast A&R rep (local to Los Angeles) and he would wire the guitar for me. He seemed to get it right and I was happy, but some time has passed and I'm not sure everything's right.

    I have another guitar with humbuckers that have lower output than the 53/10's (7.2k vs the 8.4k on the 53/10 neck). When I plug in each guitar the 53/10's are noticeably quieter, and a bit "anemic" sounding in comparison, weaker. This doesn't make sense to me. Could there be a wiring problem? My 53/10's do have the extra wire for coil splitting, and they aren't hooked up but they are"taped off". Could something have been damaged by my dealer's tech? Is there signal loss with the piezo system (similar to signal loss when using too many true bypass pedals)? BTW I have tried adjusting the pickup height and that is not the issue.
    Thoughts? Suggestions?


    EDIT: wanted to add that the piezo is a bit stonger/louder than the magnetics
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