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Thread: Brent Mason Signature Sighting?

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    Brent Mason Signature Sighting?

    Has anyone seen Brent Mason playing his signature model? Greg Koch did a fine job filling in for Brent who couldn't make the video shoot due to some wintery ice on-slot. Mike Ault was seen treating it like a "Farm Animal". Was wondering if anyone has witnessed such a sighting? (Brent I mean) I'm assuming that the last video is the Brent Mason model that Greg is playing (and quite well I might add!) with the GraingerNater!
    Sounds like position 2 in single coil mode. Like two chickens digg'n in the dirt! Wonderful!
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    Greg Koch is my newest guitar hero. Dude's a monster player and a riot when he opens his mouth. I wonder if he teaches lessons via Skype?!
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    Whoever this Paul Smith guy is demoing the amp more so than the guitar here, but he still gives you a good idea of how well it can do great strat tones:
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    Wow! How did I miss that one? Adding video link to first post. Thanks Bro
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    I like the idea of a multi color combo. Im thinking of a limited run private stock combo including guitar, head and amp in say beach cross-fade?
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    Man that guitar sounds good with the HXDA!!

    Actually, everything sounds good with it. Still, I gotta put the guitar on the "down the road" list.

    Every guitar that sounds good with the amp, is a "gee, I need that." If I'm not careful, I might wind up with of guitars.
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    I've got a Brent Mason model on order. It was that video of Greg Koch in the PRS booth that pushed me over the edge, as I still haven't tried one yet--I guess I'll find out what it's like when I get it! Drooling in anticipation...

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    Yep... that's why I want an NF3. Those single coil sounds are hot! I'm so glad I bought that amp.

    And yes, Greg Koch is insane. But in a good way!
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    Son, the HX/DA is a man's amp. One channel, not two, 50 watts of red hot glass crankin' out a tone that's big's big.

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