As the title says i have a 245se one of the limited edition runs sold in the uk so i think only 20 of them in quilted red similar to that if that link works.

I also have an Se tremonti, now i absolutly love playing the tremonti (one of the older ones with dot inlays and thinner body) and i love the sound range that the 245 gives me, but i cant say i love playing the 245 i like it but havent fallen for it.

I want humble opinions is it worth changing the 245 for a Tremonti custom se? are the pick-ups in the custom se the same as the ones in my tremonti or the 245 or completly different?

I have had a play on one and i liked it but the trouble is with me i need to have a guitar for a few weeks before i know if i like it or not, ten minutes in a shop tells me no more than if its ok or i hate it.

I have no intention of getting rid of the tremonti i have