About a week ago I caught a documentary in my youtube feed about Nile Rodgers... I had no idea who he was, that was before my time, but it was really interesting and I knew a lot of his songs. I had a feeling someone on here had probably caught it too, and indeed Shawn had posted it a month or so ago and I missed it somehow. Anyways, they mentioned that Niles' strat has been used on an estimated $2 billion in record sales... wow!!!

So that got me wondering, who has a guess for the PRS guitar that has been used on the most recordings, dollar-wise? I honestly have no idea, maybe there's an obvious answer, but my guess would have to be one owned by Mark Tremonti, his sales with Creed, AB, and solo must be pretty insane. Except he has a crap ton of PRSi, and I don't know if he uses one main guitar for recording or several, so maybe the sales are really spread out over guitars. Second guess Carlos Santana, but the same situation as Tremonti with a lot of guitars. Anyone else want to venture a guess?