Hi there! Well I'm sure you get 1000 of these kinds of messages every day, but I just thought I'd leave one as well. First of all, Mr. Paul Reed Smith, thank you! Lol
Let me just give you a little history about me and the guitar. For approximately 17 years now, I have been a diehard Fender Stratocaster guy. Approximately 6 or seven months ago my beloved 1962 reissue, relic'd fender Stratocaster was stolen out of my truck. It was quite some time before I could even think about, or afford a replacement. And of course I started looking at other Strats. I kept looking and looking and I just could not find the tone or the feel that I was looking for, come to think of it, the entire time I've been playing guitar I've been searching for the ellusive tone and feel in my guitars, so I've constantly "Tweaked" every guitar I've ever owned.
A friend of mine suggested that I start looking at Gibsons, Les Pauls in particular. So I attempted to open my mind and I went out and tried a few of them, and they were good, don't get me wrong, but they were still lacking something, So I went back to my local Fender dealer here in Thunder Bay Canada, And hanging on one wall were a bunch of PRS's. The one that immediately caught my eye was a Paul Reed Smith yellow McCarty 2.
I said to myself "what the hell I'll try it", and strumming it unplugged I fell in love with it instantly. When I plugged it in the deal was done I was in love lol. Unfortunately the $2700 price tag made it unreachable for me. So as I was hanging it back up on the wall something else caught my eye, a PRS single cut 245 se in the tortoise colour. So I decided to pick it up and try it and, lo and behold it was just as amazing as the American-made McCarty 2 And the $700 price tag made this guitar attainable for me.
I have not been able to put this guitar down since I bought it, literally! This thing played beautifully right out of the box, and the set up was amazing on it. I am an extremely picky player when it comes to tone and set up on my guitars and the only thing that I did was replace the strings with 10's, and clean up the fret board. Other than that it was perfect, intonation/string height, etc..... I play it through a 1959 fender baseman reissue and because of the tone and playability of this guitar I've gotten rid of all of my pedals except for my one analog man modified Ibanez tube screamer and my original Vox wah pedal. This guitar sounds amazing through just the amp alone, and I use the tube screamer for a little bit of boost when I play lead. I honestly cannot see myself ever purchasing another guitar besides another Paul Reed Smith. Your guitars are so very versatile and they have that elusive tone, as well as feel that I've been searching for the whole time I've been playing music.
So again, thank you Paul. You have made a lifelong believer and customer, and friend out of me.
John Erickson
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada