Yep, no ep due to the holiday.

I was flipping through the books for confirmation about something and saw a spoiler for something coming up - people are not going to be happy. During the whole Ned scene, I kept waiting for the usual twist that never came.

We've watched this since day one, but I have to say, a lot of this season has left me kind of bored. Some of the worst elements of '24' and 'True Blood' - a whole lot of set up, a lot of story lines I couldn't work up an interest in, too may fringe-seeming characters. That said, the last couple eps have been better, and a friend who watches in a group said her friends keep telling her to 'just wait...'

That said, I absolutely love Tyrion - have since nearly the beginning. Peter Dinklage can do no wrong in my book - he even made a Drunk Uncle skit on Saturday Night Live funny (he was Peter Drunklage). And I have to give it up for the kid that plays Joffrey - I would very much support his public beating, and it must take some acting chops to be that hatable.

For my money, the single best scene this season was Jamie and Brienne in the bath, when Jamie explained why he killed the king. Beautifully done.