Some of you might have seen this already but thought I'd share here also.

After seeing and hearing the Private Stock version (not Paul's btw, but his wife's) at a local GC event, I decided to check one out myself. I found this one at Eddie's and fell in love with the top. It doesn't have a braz board but that didn't matter much to me.

I really like the PUP's so far. Paul said the 408's are based off the 57/08's and those sound fantastic in my Al Di. These sound similar, very clear and defined yet warm with a hint of honk ala a single coil. I tend to use the bridge pup most of the time but I'm really happy with the neck pup in this one, very usable tone, not as bassy as most but very warm and round. Of course it plays fantastic as well. I haven't checked but I think the frets are bigger than my other PRSi.

Some eye candy...