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Thread: Show us your modified/customized working guitar

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    Quote Originally Posted by sergiodeblanc View Post
    Is it a secret?
    Kinda sorta, Shawn knows... I don't want anyone stealing my idea (for now)

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    Quote Originally Posted by justmund View Post
    SE EG, CNC router cut aluminium pickguard, loaded with 2 x narrowfields, a 59/09 and Kinman K9-H switching. The first tone knob is a push-pull to split the 59/09, and the other tone knob winds in the neck pickup in parallel. Also has USA nut, bridge and Grover locking tuners:

    Ooooh I really like that one!!! Dig the pickup combo too, bet she sounds fantastic! Where did you get the pickguard from? Or did you CNC it yourself?

    You've already seen and played mine Andy, but the Mc2Tek project is still one of my favorite modified PRS!

    Started out life as a "well used" (putting it lightly, dings all over the body and neck, several millimeters of grime built up on the entire guitar, I was almost afraid I could get tetanus from this thing when I first unboxed her!) teal black McSoapy Standard, these pics are post-cleaning obviously:

    Reborn as a lime green metallic Mc2Tek metal machine!!! \m/

    Modification list includes the following:

    - Gotoh Magnum Locking Tuners
    - Thorn Stapletop GT90-H stapletop humbuckers (sounds AMAZING in this guitar, big ol' slab of mahogany + articulate hums = TONE!)
    - 2Tek Bridge
    - PLEK'd Stainless Steel Frets and Bone Nut (courtesy of Phil Jacoby @ Philtone)
    - Lime Green Metallic refin (courtesy of Chris Bavaria)
    - All new electronics (thing was caked in grime/dust when I got her originally, couldn't salvage the stock electronics unfortunately)

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    My mods are relatively minor compared to some.

    05 Custom 22. 4 wire DGT pickups wired to the rotary. Lampshade knobs. Dunlop straplocks. Tremol-no. PRSh sig.

    07 Mira with Old birds. Pickup Covers. Dunlop Straplocks. (I told you, VERY minor)

    09 SE Baritone. Most heavily modified of the bunch. Treble pickup is a Suhr SSV+, bass pickup is a 8K Fralin. 5 way selector, superswitch wired for coil splits on positions 2 and 4 with the DGT2012-esque resistors wired between the split wire and ground for a beefier and quieter split sound. Dimarzio clip-lock strap in place of strap buttons. Black witch hat knobs. Planet Waves locking tuners. cosmetic headstock mod.

    2003 SE Santana, 2nd gen. Stock except dunlop strap locks, and occasionally the bridge pickup gets swapped out. Sometimes it's the stock pickup with an added coil split wire and a UOA5 magnet, other times it's a Dimarzio Air Zone, thinking about installing an Anderson H2+ in there just for grins.

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    05 Custom 22 with DGT pickups ~ 07 Mira with old birds ~ 08 SE Baritone Fralin/Suhr pickups ~ 03 SE Santana

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