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Thread: 5-way switch with Humbuckers

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    5-way switch with Humbuckers

    I love the #2 and #4 position on my Custom 22-Soapbar. If you've got a PRS guitar with Humbuckers and a 5-way switch, how close does the sound come to the classic single-coil sound in switch positions 2 & 4?

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    Hi and welcome, I too really love the #2 and #4 positions on my CU22 Soapy. I'm assuming you're asking about something like a CU24 (2 humbuckers), this video has got a couple of examples of what I think you're looking for:

    At around 3:40 Davy takes us through the different clean tones.

    Custom 24 with 5-Way Blade

    - Uncovered 59/09 Humbuckers
    - 5-Way Blade Switch, Master Volume and Tone


    Position 1: Bridge humbucker
    Position 2: Bridge humbucker with neck singlecoil
    Position 3: Bridge and neck humbuckers
    Position 4: Neck singlecoil with bridge singlecoil
    Position 5: Neck humbucker

    They're close, but not quite the CU22 Soapy, obviously very different pickups and different woods (Maple neck on the CU22 Soapy, Hog on the CU24).

    PRS also have a bunch of other humbucker equipped guitars which come closer those #2 and #4 tones, e.g. the new Brent Mason sig, with 2 x 408 Humbuckers and 1 x 305 single coil in the middle. The 408s are splittable (actually they add 1500 windings so there's no volume loss) so combined with the middle single coil you'd be much more in the ballpark. Korina body and maple neck too (with maple or RW fretboard option), and it offers a fair bit more flexibility than the CU22 Soapy, and of course, no hum.

    Other options would be the Studio (2 x Narrowfield HBs and a 57/08 HB, Hog/Hog), NF3 (3 x NF HBs, Korina/Maple), 513 (Hog/Hog).

    You can also go Artist Package on some models and spec a maple neck...

    Hope that helps!

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    Great reply, thank you!

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