Hi, everyone!

Quick Intro:
I'm Lucas, 26, from Long Island, NY. I've owned a number of Gibsons in the past, I currently own a Fender American Telecaster Special and now... a PRS 305!

The Guitar:
It's a NOS 2010 305 with rosewood fretboard in the (Antique?) White finish with the Wide Fat neck. It has some interesting inlays that I've only seen on 2010 models. I've heard they're made of bamboo. Can anyone confirm this?

I bought it from Moore Music in Evansville, IN. It was originally a rep guitar that just never ended up selling. They were really easy to deal with and flexible with the pricing so I was able to get it at a STEAL of a price! Very happy about that.

But perhaps the best part of all is that shortly after making the purchase, Paul Reed Smith himself came to their store for a meet and greet and signed the backing plate for the controls! Better yet, Moore Music's PRS rep was even able to get a replacement one (which was hard for me to locate, because the 305 plate is rather irregular when compared to other models.) Talk about customer service! Now I don't have to worry about the autograph wearing off. They even snapped a picture of Paul with the guitar before shipping it out!

But before I share the pictures (because what good is a thead like this without pictures?) I have to give a big thanks to Moore Music, their PRS rep, and Paul Reed Smith (I'm not certain if he reads these, but if he does, awesome!)

Anyway, here are some quick pictures I snapped with my phone. I apologize for the quality, I'll try to borrow a decent camera later on and snap some better ones along with me playing it.

So now that you've seen mine, let me see yours!