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Thread: Holy Fade Batman...

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    Holy Fade Batman...

    Haven't been participating much, been slammed, apologies, but had to share...

    What you see is, from what I can tell, a Royal Blue 1997 CE24 with a 3-piece top. It's coded as a "CE3RBT O-STOCK." I found a thread on TGP where Hans posted a pic of a PRS CE print ad/catalog indicating that there was indeed a 3-piece 10-Top option available. This one does not have a 10 stamped on the back of the headstock, and from the (very) busy cavity shots it is an "o-stock." Overstock? I have head of the stamped "B" for artist relations guitar, but curious if that's the same thing?

    Cool top! Wicked flame! But can't say as I care much for the previous owner's modification of "bumpy chrome knobs"

    Check out that fade, original color under pup rings...

    VERY busy neck pickup cavity - WTF does this all mean???

    Another hint at the original color:

    Other than the photo of the yellow one on TGP, I have not seen another 3-piece top CE, and 10-Top or not, it's mesmerizingly beautiful in a slightly hideous way.

    Not alot of experience with mid-90s PRSi but pups are VB/HFS with black/gold stickers, pots and all else look original. Sounds pretty killer, all of my other CEs are alder or alder/MT this definitely has a different sound. Neck is nice, feels a little more beefy than the older WTs but still lovely.

    Any facts or opinions are most welcome...thanks.
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