Hey. this is my first post, and i did check out the FAQs and rules before posting, but if I'm breaking any rules I'm unaware of, sorry!

But down to business, I've been looking for a guitar with single coils for a while, as i already have a Gibson w/ humbuckers, and I was originally going to get this:
but recently, a few friends of mine got PRS SEs, and I absolutely fell in love with the necks, and I started looking for PRS guitars within my price range (about 600) and I saw the new PRS SE Soapbars, but there's a problem; I want a guitar with a double cut-away, and the new soapbars are single. So after a little bit of research i came across the PRS SE Soapbar II, which has been discontinued, and decided I had to have one. But I can only find four colors that come with a maple top (must have), black, white, a blue/aquamarine burst, and a tobacco burst. But I really don't want the tobacco burst, and I want something more red, but the only ones i can find in cherry or vintage cherry are solid mahogany without the cap, and I was wondering if there were any more that I'm unaware of. I have until about about July until I can get it, but I figured having one scoped out would be good. Please help!