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Thread: Show your Modern Eagle II

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    Show your Modern Eagle II

    I need to drool over this amazing pieces of art!!, show 'em!

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    ME II's are awesome. The tremolo FBJ was my first ME II.

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    Here is my personal ME2 in FBJ... This IS the guitar I play most often! Had Previously Traded the Yellow Tiger to Brent at TGS... wish I had that one back too!

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    By the way, you that own both Trem and fixed bridges, for you, which one resonates or transmits more vibration to the body?

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    Here is one I foolishly traded away in a deal for a hindsight I should have kept the guitars I traded....but you know what they say about hindsight!!! It was a GC July 300 guitar to boot!!! I would kill to get it back!

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