So I pull up my Logic session I stayed up working on until about 4 am last night, psyched to get back to work on what I thought was going to be a great song and.... it totally sucks.

I know what you're thinking, and for a change I wasn't tipsy or too "irie" last night, nope not at all. I started off wanting to cop the vibe of "He's the Greatest Dancer" by Sister Sledge, made a detour to Sade, only to wake up and realize that I just spent the night with the most ugly, overly busy, tubby sounding piece of crap I have made in weeks. How did I think this was good? I would totally understand if I was partying too hard but I wasn't at all, I mean I was drinking Pepsi and smoking Camels.

If the Doc were here I imagine he would tell me about altered states of consciousness, it's effects on creativity, and how changes in behavior can affect the outcome of your work but... damnit! I really thought I was on to something, how could I have been so wrong?

Anybody else here have this sort of experience, and how do you deal with it? I feel like Logic was laughing at me as I did the walk of shame past by my workplace with my skirt tucked into my nylons and my hair disheveled.

Oh, I was using my SE "Ori" and even though the song sucked, I really thought I was able to get some great tones out of that guitar.... So I have that going for me.... which is nice.