I need to vent a bit. I generally don't whine like this but it's PRS related so I'll share. I just had an email exchange with a local guy on clist who's looking to trade his 06 McCarty. No pics, didn't really describe the condition or any other details well other than the color. He was inviting trades and said to hit him up if you have something to offer. I made an inquiry, asked for some pics and a couple of details on the pickups and neck carve and suggested I might offer my LP Standard, sent a link to some hi-res pics as well.

I get back a terse email from the guy who asks "Why would I ever trade a great guitar for another guitar that does the same thing but nowhere near as well?"

Really? You invite offers and then dump on reasonable offers? I guess I should know better.

Interactions like that really make me appreciate this community and others like VR and TGP.