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Thread: What exactly is my guitar's model?

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    What exactly is my guitar's model?

    Hey guys,

    I've owned this PRS for over 2 years now...and boy has time flown since then. I've been in love since the first day... hah joking. (Kind of)
    Before my American model I had an SE Custom 22 for a few years that I cherished as well.

    I bought it in 2011 but it was made in 2009 (according to the tag and the serial number on the headstock). It was labelled "Custom 24" but later realized that it has McCarty-like electronics (according to the switch and knobs etc.),
    and generally Custom 24's are shorthanded as CU24, but my hangtag says CM24. I'm aware that usually CU 22/24 have a blade switch, but mine has a push/pull tone knob as well as a 3-way switch, similar to what I've seen on McCarty models.
    The guitar didn't have any label or model name printed on the TRC, it was just a blank black. Also, I've looked everywhere, but it seems that McCartys simply have never had 24 frets.

    So my question remains: what model is my guitar? A manager of the GC Platinum Room in Seattle told me I had a very special guitar, but I'm not sure what he meant. I'd like to think that I get the best of both worlds by having some sort of hybrid.
    I've even tried to contact PRS about it but they didn't respond.
    Let me know what you guys think. Her name is Tigress , and since there was no TRC, I had one custom made for her.

    24 frets
    Floating Trem
    3-way switch
    Knobs: Push/pull tone, normal volume
    Flame Maple 10-Top
    HFS Treble/Vintage Bass pickups (came with the guitar new)

    And some pictures to show her off, and also help you guys with identification if possible:

    Flame maple headstock veneer with TRC:

    In all her glory:

    Eagle Hangtag:

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