Hello fellow PRS owners;
I'm new to the forum and saluting you all.

I'm a PRS 25th anniversary SwampAshSpecial owner; and I love it very much.

But lately, I've been fallen for Piezo system in electric guitar. And actually I nearly am gonna buy a guitar in order to use piezo on stage with mixing the usual pickup cleans and even some crunchy drive tones.

And today I've found out that PRS has p22 trem guitar, which has Tremolo + Piezo together, the exact system that I've been looking for.

I checked the back plate design and crossmatched it with my SAS guitar, they didn't seem so different.

The real question starts here for whom who doesn't want to read a long ****
Is it possible to load the piezo system of P22 Trem model to my SAS guitar? I can get rid off the Tone knob on my guitar and make it Piezos volume/mix in order not to drill the guitar's top for another knob, and I put on a little hole for the little toggle switch, also jack plate needs a little bit bigger hole to get a dual output and the battery in there. As an engineer, I think it is doable, but how about your opinions guys?

Please enlighten me about it. I don't wanna play another guitar just to get the piezo sound.