I have been in this deep funk for about 3 years now. My wife and I have struggled to get my stepson graduated and remain drug free which has ben so stressful. It has been a painful thing for both of us. Even though he managed to graduate, we still have the drug thing to deal with every day. That alone has taken a few years off of my life.

The other part of the equation is my job. I work for a company owned by a husband/wife team. I am paid salary for an x amount of hours per week which I always exceed and end up working about 56 hours per week as a yearly average. The problem is two fold, my h/boss is pushy, belligerent, inappropriate and arrogant while my w/boss is thoughtful, mild mannered and kind. She is the hardest working person I know. SHE runs the company and has guided us through very tough times while being on the school board and devoting much of her time to her church. Being loyal to her has kept me at this job for 9 years.

Im always missing out on things my son does because im always at work and I don't have the energy to do anything when I do get home. I haven't had time to practice music at home for the last two months and has become typical protocol. My band has suffered because of where I am, my playing is empty and bland. I have even considered quitting my band.

I have been on c-pap therapy for 4 years with zero results, sleep studies and nap studies prove to Drs that Im exhausted ALL the time. Im on Temazepam to make me sleep and Lexapro to keep anxiety/depression at bay. This is NOT me.

WELL, Tuesday was THE turning point. My h/boss got mad and started in on me about something my w/boss had me doing. H/boss started yelling and threatened me with my job. Although Im not proud of this, my h/boss was hit with an explosion of anger. Once I got started I couldn't stop and resulted in me leaving work for an hour to cool off.

I made some calls while I was home and set up an interview with a company that had a position open. I will be starting this new job in a couple of weeks and I feel like a million tons has been lifted off of me. Should of made the move long ago.

Anyway. 45 hours a week, weekends off, more time with my son, regular practice schedule, better benefits, family oriented company. I am taking control. Im giving my two week notice tomorrow. I cant wait!!!!!!!!