Eye Empire - BC Kochmit

Awesome player, great band, even better great group of human beings.

Sonny Mayo - currently live player for Ugly Kid Joe, super nice guy...met him several times when he was with Sevendust. My favorite thing he's done is Snot - Get Some. Raw and bad ass, diverse playing on that album.
They sounded great. I had a hard time ever taking UKJ seriously back in the day, but they're great live. Sonny won the guitar tone of the day award for me. Really light rosewood neck McCarty thru an Orange RV 100. It sounded awesome.

Shannon Larkin and Sonny - Shannon and I go back about 10 years when we were direct support for Godsmack. Such nice guy and kick ass drummer.

Drowning Pool(who we also know very well, somehow I don't have any pics with) and Art of Dying were also on the bill.
It was and ungodly LONG but great day, load in was 9am, I got home about 1am. Saw a lot of old friends that are great musicians and nice guys. Great day. I'm trying to do as little as possible today.