Non-PRS related, but still cool in my book. The July 2013 issue of "Guitar Player" has a cover story on Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick. It's the 35th Anniversary of "Live At Budokan". Also includes a sidebar mini-interview with Jol Dantzig, formerly the main man at Hamer, on some of the guitars the company made for Rick over the years.

While I was at the books and music store getting the issue today, I also picked up a 3CD set of CT in the Checkerboard tin for 99 cents! (I already have the CDs, but I can always use a cool tin.) A good way to celebrate one of my personal "Big Five" favorite bands!

Long Live Cheap Trick!

Lloyd/Goldtop/CT Fan From The Beginning!

P.S. - I'm curious as to whether or not PRS has done any custom work for Rick. I've never seen him play a PRS, but it wouldn't surprise me if he has a few in his collection. Shawn, do you know, and would you care to say?