I think I just need to stop going in to music stores until I order this guitar!!! lol

I'd like to order a P22 Artist Pack with a Maple Neck and Board in Blue Fade... however, for about the same price I could get a regular P22 Trem and a used Singlecut Trem. Ever since I got my Custom 24 last month I've been in love with the PRS Tremolo System... even though I had it on 2 other guitars before hand... and the idea of getting 2 other Paul Reed Smiths with that bridge on it is exciting.

So the question I have is this:
is it worth paying extra for the Artist Top, Special Finish, Gold Hardware, Maple Neck, Maple Board, and Artist Case? or would it be better to get the Regular P22 Trem AND a Singlecut Trem? (it's not the satin version... I never liked the satin finishes)

I know that in the end I get to make the choice and I should choose what's best for me... but that would bring my US PRS total to 8... quantity isn't as important as quality here!! If in your experience you've found that the Artist Package is better than having 2 US PRS' than that will help in my decision.

p.s. I haven't played the Singlecut yet... because I know if I do I will just cave and buy it!! also if I saw a Santana Model I would instantly cave and buy that lol