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Thread: p22 pickup selector placement

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    p22 pickup selector placement

    Hi All,

    I'm considering purchasing a p22 and I'm in a location where I can't easily try one. I own a number of PRS guitars so the way it's going to sound is not a concern to me, I know it's going to be great. My apprehension is with the pickup selector. While I'm fine with a 5-way, I'm concerned that the placement on the p22 is going to have me hitting the volume and/or tone when quickly changing from neck to bridge and vice versa.

    Can any owners of the p22 comment on their experience? I've heard some say they hit the tone accidentally once in a while, I'm looking for other opinions based on real usage.


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    i've had mine for 8 months and cannot recall having that issue. i may have done peridocally but it never registered on my annoyance meter.
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    no problem with it t all for me.
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    never a problem for me
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    I've hit the tone knob once or twice, but the damn thing sounds so good at all points on the tone knob that even if you do bump it, it's not going to kill your sound.

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    No problem with the selector. I do find it very difficult to go quickly between magnetic and blended due to the location and size of the piezo switch.
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