Looks like my old house (in Black Forest) is gone. Black Forest itself (North-East Colorado Springs) is likely to be completely destroyed. About 8000 acres is already gone. 2 of my co-workers are already on mandatory evacuation. Half-a-dozen more just left to go home and pack what they can while they are still allowed to enter their neighborhood. My office, which is a few miles south of the blaze, is now on voluntary evacuation status.

My house is on the West side, 10 miles south. We're safe. Hopefully we'll able able to assist in some way.

You guys might recall that we lost thousands of acres and hundreds of homes in the Waldo Canyon fires last summer. It was insult to injury after a chunk of the state burned down about 10 years ago. This fire will probably claim many more homes than last year's fire. It's all very sad and there is no end in site for the drought that is exacerbating the issue.