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    Reminders ...

    The only two things in life that make it worth living.
    Are guitars tuned good and firm feeling women.
    .... and Beer, and some other stuff I quess.

    went and saw a really good Beatles cover band tonite. reminded me of how they changed world ... literally.

    February 9, 1964, about 8:20pm, EST, the world changed.
    when Paul stepped up to the mic and belted out "Close Your Eyes...", Beatlemania began and a cultural revolution was born.
    They enabled everything to follow.
    i'm sure that very few members where around then, but i was. I don't expect younger guys to understand or appreciate, but Beatlemania was a very real phenonomon and historic.

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    Definitely a hard act to follow, though other great bands obviously grew up in their "shadow." I was born in 1960, which is the year the Beatles formed (according to wikipedia), so I don't rember much about the start of "Beatlemania." But even so, their music was still a large part of my life back then simply because it was everywhere. My parents bought the red and blue collection albums and they were always being played.

    The only Beatles album that I have in my personal collection is Revolver. That struck a chord with me at a particular time in my life, and the album had been released some fifteen years earlier.

    So, yeah... great band of blokes for sure. Great song writers (Lennon and McCartney), who's music pleased the masses, and not just the stuff they wrote for themselves.

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    I do not listen to much Beatles anymore, but this girl is so good at playing anything if you have followed any of her videos.
    She is not in a band doing any music yet as far as I know, but she needs to be.

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    I was thirteen when I saw them on the Sullivan show. I'd already been playing acoustic guitar for about a year and a half, but I wanted an electric, finally got one for my fourteenth birthday later in '64. Seeing the Beatles made me want to become a professional musician--if it hadn't been for that, my life would have been vastly different.

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    I wasn't born when the Beatles were on Sullivan, but they were certainly part of my musical upbringing. I did have the opportunity to visit Abbey Road Studio which was a huge thrill. Here's me and my son in Studio 2

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    I love that picture, Shawn!

    I was 13 when the Beatles came to the US. Their music was so engaging, and such a departure from what we'd been used to in the pop music world, that they became the model for everything that followed.

    My daughter saw Paul McCartney live in Chicago last summer, and said, "I'll never think of 70 as old again."

    And my son got to mix a "Live at the BBC" broadcast for 30 STM in the Maida Vale studio where the Beatles performed live, and that was the first thing he mentioned in his email to me. In fact, as a little boy of 4-5 years old, he would say that his goal in life was to play in Paul McCartney's band.

    My wife saw the Beatles as a little kid live on their first US tour. It's amazing that their music has spanned two generations.
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    My favorite Beatles pic. June 6, 1965 in Paris:

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    ^^^that is cool

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    what is usually unknown by most is that the Beatles came here to celebrate my birthday. they picked up the Ed Sullivan gig as a way to fun their travel. who knew that they were going to change world culture...
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