Well it's the first BIG festival of the year for me.
Leaving today. Playing in my band Joe Public of course but also in a new band I kinda formed with a chick singer. A more modern sounding cover band. I'm also sitting-in with one band on Friday and another on Sunday (slut, whore, stage pig....go ahead...I'm gonna hear them ALL this weekend).
Then I also have a solo acoustic set on Sunday and I'm getting up with the organizer to accompany her on acoustic on one of the days.
Unfortunately I don't yet own a PRS acoustic so for the acoustic stuff it'll be Stonebridge and Halcyon handling the duties...but for all the electric stuff it's PRS guitars all the way!

I'm gonna be playing my new and bone stock (so far) Tremonti SE Custom for the chick and fill-in bands (oh and I have to sit-in with ANOTHER band on Sunday...might be an acoustic thing though?) that are in standard tuning and I don't/won't have a backup.

For my band (we tune down half a step) I'm playing #1 which is my 2011 Studio with a Custom Custom in the bridge. We do a few slide tunes in open G so the BLACK McSoapy will be present. It's action is high and it LOVES open G and a ton of SNOT!!! Man I'm getting all trembly and goosebumpy just thinking about that BEAST. My '94 CE24 will be on "back-up" duty.
Actually, I might tune it up to standard and have it standing-by for the fill-in/sit-in band sets.

Man I gotta say...and this thread isn't really the place but....I'm really LOVING the SE Tremonti Custom man.
I have a covered 57/08 (from the Studio's bridge pocket) for the neck and I have an uncovered bridge 59/09 squabbin that should be here Monday (of course...AFTER this festival) that I was/am planning to put in it's bridge position. It'll add some Tremonti USA vibe too with the covered neck and exposed bridge pups.
Here's my problem though.
This guitar kicks ASS already and I'm embarrassed to say that I kinda LOVE it's SE245 pickups :-O. It CAN get a tad muddy on the neck and even middle but I could probably "adjust" that out with the amp's tonestack?
The SE245 bridge pup is I think hotter (well..higher impedance at a little over 10K I think I read?) than the 59/09 (at somewhere over 9Kohms?)...but is a nice match to the 57/08 for the neck...at least looking at their specs.
Getting pick harmonics and squeels is relatively easy on the Tremonti with it's 245 pups and I'm scared that switching to the 59/09 might make them harder to coax-out?

Can anyone advise me on this plan? Has anyone swapped the SE245 pups from a singlecut and replaced them with 57/08 and/or 59/09s? What did you hear?

From what I've been reading, the 53/10 is about the most loved PRS pup for the neck position but I have a 57/08.

Hey, I also have a brand new Custom Custom that could go in the bridge but I'm liking the 245s A5 tone. I COULD swap the CC's mag and turn it into a C5...or ..I'd like to try an A8 mag one day.
I have an old HFS (from the CE)...but I'm not big on ceramic mags. Don't do a lot of scooped heavy stuff. I'm more of a "vintagey" A2 mid-hump old Marshall kind of guy.
I have a pair of old DiMarzio buckers (a DP194 and DP195 but they're pretty normal PAF type pups. Not very warm (I mean no very hot).
I also have a GFS FatPat but I think even this SE deserves more than a $14 pup in it. But hey...just cause it's cheap doesn't mean it sucks...

So what says y'all?
Leave the 245s in it and dial-out the mud at the amp?
Go with the 57/08 and 59/09 combo? Sounds delicious to me...the idea I mean. Plus it would almost double the value of the guitar lol...that could be a bad thing. I WANTED a cheap (beater) guitar (PRS) that I wouldn't have to worry too much about. And...IF I had PAID for the 57/08 and 59/09 that would bring the cost of this SE to what I coulda got a CE or McCarty for used. Not that that matters a bunch cause I like this thing every bit as much as I love my old CE and McSoapy (and I paid under a grand each for those years ago).

I'm OUTTAHERE and OFF to the Festival!!
Can't wait to get back so I can see what you all suggested for pickups in the Tremonti. Well...AND to check the mail and (hopefully) find my new $100 59/09!!!!

Have a great weekend and gig fellas.