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Thread: PS 4414 arrives.

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    I'd love to hear that bad-mamma-mamma with a better amp. What you hear on your end isn't translating in the video. At least not on my computer.

    I hear you. That is not my choice of amps at all. Give me a Bruno, Fender, Vox or Dumble and I am right at home. That was at a friend of mines house who plugged me into one of his amps as soon as I walked in the door, and turned on the camera no less. He said play a rhythm, so I did, and he recorded it in the looper. Then to make matters worse, the rhythm "track" from the looper is coming through the same channel and speakers I am playing the solo into. Thats what you are hearing in that clip. UGGH!! I guess I just know how it sounded in the room. That clip is about as low quality as you can get. I will post some far better ones with my Roland BR900 asap.
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