Epic NGD today!

From Brent and TGS, my awesome International Brazzy DC 245 Ted!

International Brazzy Neck and Board (The neck is like Dark Chocolate, looks killer. The grain in the board is insane. Great selections, Brent!!)
One-Piece Maple Top
Santana Yellow
Maple Binding
408/Sig Switching
Uncovered Zebra 5909 pickups
Paua thin purfling on board, thicker on body (BLING!!)
MOP Old Birds with Paua outline to match purling
Pattern Neck Carve
Jumbo Frets, of course!

Spotted on the Private Stock Friday thread a few Fridays ago:

TGS Glamour shots:

Note the vertical grain mark in the middle of the neck, matches Brad737's - these are siblings from the same piece of Rosewood - cool!!

Note the "Custom Built for MA Pete" - thought it would be cool to do one with with my PRS Forum handle. Also, the date is my Birthday - Happy Friggin' Birthday to me!!!

Wow, it ROCKS!!

I wouldn't change a thing in the specs, except maybe 408 pickups, as I am really enjoying them in my Aquamarine DC 245.

The tone is to die for, per my previous findings, the 24.5" scale, Rosewood Necks and 5909's are a match made in heaven!!