Just traded for my 1st PRS guitar. Now I understand what all the PRS fuss has been about.... I LOVE THIS THING!!!!!! I've been playing since 1963, so I know myway around a guitar and I own 14 really fine ones currently. This is now my favorite player. The neck has aperfect radius for my average size hand, the frets are a perfect height to enable smooth quick runs but maintain a nice ringing tone. The tuners are smooth, no idea what the pups are since the original owner said they were upgraded versions. The woods are beautiful .... birdies are cute....and finish is perfect. The tone is outstanding and when I crank up my blues deluxe and drive those tubes.....WOOOOWWWWW!!!! Paul Reed Smith....you're a frickin genious! It's a 2003 (I think) McCarty, with natural finish cap. Just stunning to me. I traded a 2008 Fender Jazz Master for it plus a little cash. The frets on the Jazzy were way too tall for my liking. But the tone of the PRS is phenominal! It just frickin sings. So as I said ....now I understand ..... THANK YOU MR. SMITH!!!