On Sept. 22, 2013 (the day after the PRS Experience), the Invisible Sound Studio will has a Open House for all those who wish to attend. This will be from 12noon to 5pm.

Next month, Premier Guitar Magazine will has a video and a article about this Studio and Museum in Baltimore, Md. The article and interview will be done by Jeff Bober (ex Budda Amps and presently the builder and designer of the East Amps).

Their internet site - http://www.invisiblesoundstudios.com/

All those that are availible are welcome to attend - these Open Houses are a lot of fun.
The day is also refered to as " Tone Geek Day".

You will never see more Vintage Amps, mics and various equipment in one location as in this place!

You are free to bring your favorite guitar and plug into any amp there.....and crank it up to 11!!!!!

Try not to miss it......I will be in attendence.