So I started a new position at work that has demanded a lot of my time as I got acclimated to it. As would happen to anyone, I was unable to chat with you guys and post on here as much as I would have liked. Oh no, that's terrible- we missed you! I know, thanks! I missed you too.

So to make up for it I am running not one, not six, but TWO contests at the same time to show I care.

Contest 2: PTC me, baby! I want to see a photo of a guitar you sent to the PTC and hear a little bit about it. Did they make it extra special? Fix something that bugged you or just gave it a tune up to turn it into a super duper tone machine! Bonus points will not be given if you suck up to Shawn in the story, but it is completely permitted, and well frankly, encouraged.

The prize? A copy of "The Art of PRS". This is a high quality book that showcases some photos that are stunning enough to capture the tops and creations of the Private Stock department. Definitely a gem of a book and a pretty darn' good prize if I do say so myself. Not for the faint of heart!

1 winner will be chosen by me, randomly. I will put all entry's in a hat and pick a winner to keep it fair as everyone's story is special in its own right. If a person wins one contest, they are not eligible to win the other. If by some chance one person wins both, I will let them pick which one they would prefer, and redraw for the second. This contest is not officially sanctioned by Paul Reed Smith Guitars in any way, shape or form so don't complain and no - the guitars in the photos are not included