Why does use of the word "rare" get under my skin so much? I'm lookin' at a 94 CU24 with a broken headstock that is "rare"... true I suppose, as there are not too many around with a broken headstock. Then there is the "rare" SE CU24 Anv. model in blue (he he) that's "rare" too? Or that 94 CE22... awesome for sure... but rare? Not really.

I holler at these dudes and they proceed to tell me how I'll never find another one again, or for such a good price, and that's cool.... I think my guitars are awesome too and I would like a good price if I were selling but.... Do people not realize that eBay and Google exist? Am I the only jerk in the universe that checks completed listings on eBay to see what things actually sell for, and what the demand for such items are, and how common they are before posting a for sale ad?

There's no point in this thread, just needed to vent... If I ever figure out how to use photoshop I want to make a chart like this for PRS guitars: