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Thread: Found a used S2 CU24... very impressed!

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    Found a used S2 CU24... very impressed!

    Often, when I'm near a GC out of my area, I'll drop by to check out their inventory, particularly the used guitars.

    I was quite surprised to see a PRS model I could not immediately identify. At first glance I thought it might be a new SE model, but a closer look told me it was a S2 CU24.

    In fact, it was serial number 000007...

    And it had a AS stamped on the back of the neck near the body joint.

    I was excited to give the guitar a go, since I had heard a lot about the S2 line, but hadn't had a chance to try one.

    I immediately fell in love with the feel of the neck. Unlike some 24 fret guitars that didn't feel quite right to me, this one was super easy to play, felt great in my hands, and was very "solid".

    I plugged it in to a Fender HRD III that was nearby and got some great clean tones from the neck pup, and with a bit of OD, some singing lead tones from the bridge pup. I must of played it for about an hour and a half before I realized I had to have it.

    After an inspection, I was pleased that it had zero flaws, no scratches, dings, or dents... in fact, it was in better condition than many of the "new" guitars GC often has. It's a nice black cherry burst, and I got along great with the new body shape. The finish was very nicely done, and all the controls were easy to use and right at hand. But the biggest thing was the feel and tone. They were pure PRS happiness.

    My #1 guitar is a DGT, and I won't be getting rid of it anytime soon, but I wanted to let everyone know to check out the new S2 line... you may come away happily surprised how nice they play and sound!

    At the used price, and considering the low serial number... combined with how great it played... I couldn't pass it up.

    Just waiting a couple of weeks for the police hold to be off... and it's all mine!

    Anyone else tried one of these yet?


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    Wonder if "AS" is an artist relations guitar? Maybe it was a demo?

    Good feedback on the S2 Custom, still waiting to find one within 50 miles of me to actually get my hands on...
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    Cool! I have to try one.
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    Glad you're loving it man I tried the S2s and love their feel too. It's simply amazing craftsmanship.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CantankerousCarl View Post
    still waiting to find one within 50 miles of me to actually get my hands on...
    +1, only it's more like 200+ miles. There isn't a single S2 on a dealer's wall in the state of Arizona. Same with any variant of a 408.
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    Wow nice score, you got the James Bond of the S2 line!

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    I see more than one used S2 in my future, congrats on yours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sergiodeblanc View Post
    I see more than one used S2 in my future, congrats on yours.
    Can't what you do to them.

    Congrats on the score!
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    Well thats great and reassuring with
    all the voodoo comments I've been reading about this S2 line
    Can't wait to try one even more now!
    THanks for the info

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    Quote Originally Posted by sergiodeblanc View Post
    I see more than one used S2 in my future, congrats on yours.
    S2 Starla Sergioed with Victoria's Secret...

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    Congrats! serial # 7, that's pretty cool.
    I would love to try a Starla in seafoam green.

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    After two weeks I haven't played anything else. I absolutely agree on the feel of the neck.

    Getting #7 is awesome! I was thrilled when I looked at the SN and saw 000039. No AS or anything, though.
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