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Thread: Belated NGD!

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    Belated NGD!

    I know I asked a while ago about older Santana SEs and was told, the newer ones were better. That being said, a month ago a 2003 rolled into view and the seller was willing to trade with me (no PRSi were given up by me). The two I traded were oddballs, and since that is what the seller wanted, everyone was happy. She is a closet queen for sure. She did have some minor electrical issues (bad 3-way and volume pot), so when I replaced them (parts cost reimbursed by the seller), I swapped out the pups for the HFS/Vintage Bass set. She sounds great. The one piece mahagony body is very light and resonant. I think she ways like 6 pounds, a real neck saver. She is a keeper!

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    Nice one!
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    Nice... All mahogany stoptail is always a winner!
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    I have played a number of these. All killer. Great guitars.
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    Nice, mine's a keeper as well. Even if I wanted to sell it my wife wouldn't let me, it's the one she plays the most. These things are a steal, I can't believe how cheaply they sell.

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