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Thread: What are these really? "Experience PRS 2012 pickups"

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    Question What are these really? "Experience PRS 2012 pickups"

    There's a cool P22 for sale on another forum and it has these pu's. I doubt they develop special pickups JUST for the Experience?

    I sort of guessed they are something else - 53/10's? with a "commemorative" cover?

    Anybody know what they are?

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    I believe they are covered 53/10s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Eaton View Post
    I believe they are covered 53/10s.
    That's what I remember hearing.

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    Correct, they're 53/10's
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    On a related front, I've always wondered if the Artist V pickups are a twist on another pickup. I love 'em!
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