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Thread: Wacky When Wacky Isn't What You're Expecting

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    Wacky When Wacky Isn't What You're Expecting

    So my aunt's funeral was today (wait, this really is kind of funny - promise!). We line up in the procession and head for the cemetery. On the way there, I hear a very familiar guitar riff on the radio. I didn't even look at the radio, but said immediately to my wife, "Kind of ironic having this come on the radio now, isn't it?"

    Queen. "Keep Yourself Alive."

    And in a moment that damn near brought a tear to my, my daughter chimed in from the back seat, "And it only adds to the situation that it's on a station called Boneyard."

    Reminded me of this old commercial...


    "I watched approximately 45 seconds of 'Rock Of Ages'. It was like getting punched in the soul." - Abby Krizner

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    Sorry to hear the news, Alan.
    One Life

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    Sorry to hear about your Aunt but I hope she had a long wonderful life.

    Awesome story. That's funny.

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    There needs to be smiles as well as tears at such occasions. I'm hoping my funeral is something more like a celebration and party for the life I lived and for the people who touched me and those that I touched.

    Mega Mojo sent.
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    The other irony to this story is think of all the rock artists who have died and who have hit songs about life and death. Jim Morrison, yours truly--Jimi Hendrix, Freddy Mercury, Kurt Cobain, Bob Marley just to name a few.

    My condolences for your loss.
    Frank Bello

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