My friend, Martin Wescott, here in Sacramento is a fine luthier and excellent musician. Here's what he had to say about Paul Reed Smith on his Facebook page:

"Went to Skip's music last night to see Paul Reed Smith. He talked to a full audience for about 1/12 hours and show cased some of his guitars and amps. It was very informative and entertaining. Paul Reed Smith is an easy going. genuine, confident, thoughtful, and above all a craftsman of excellence.
After his workshop he offered to have a meet and greet and do some handshaking and autographing. Their was a line of about 50 of us all with their P.R.S guitars to be singed. I was in the last half of the line and by the time I got face to face with Paul Reed Smith he was kinda just going through the motions. When my guitar was handed to him for an autograph he immediately commented " I didn't make this one" and began to play it. After playing he thoroughly looked the guitar over like the luthier he is, upon completing his inspection he said "wow this is and excellent guitar who is Westcott". He signed my guitar, To: Martin, one guitar maker to another. Paul Reed Smith. Needless to say this was a GREAT DAY for me."

Just had to share that. Very cool indeed.