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Thread: P-22 Just arrived

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    P-22 Just arrived

    If you happened to see my Photobucket page you'd see 60 or so guitars I've bought/sold/traded in the last few years.
    Only a couple are PRS but I always knew I wanted another one. Happened this week.

    Just got this Amber Black quilt top. The Pattern Regular profile feels great and these 53/10's are amazing pickups especially the neck.
    The only change I will make to accommodate my ridiculous, arthritis driven action requirements is a set of TonePros studs. I actually like the bass side
    a little lower then the treble side. The stock studs are so snug on the bridge that you can't really have one side higher or lower by much.
    With the TonePros I can set it where I want it and then tighten the screw caps.

    One feature I really like and was unaware of from the photos I'd seen are the P-22 birds. Thought they were just an outline. Turns out they have a
    cool bronzy pearl center. Subtle but classy.

    I also like the subdued character of the quilt. Reminds me of the vintage stuff when quilt or flame was incidental.

    Looking forward to participating here since should have more to say as an actual PRS owner again.
    Here are the requisite "pix or it didn't happen" shots.

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    Beautiful guitar! Enjoy it!
    I saw ten thousand talkers whose tongues were all broken...


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    I love that p22...Very nice

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    HNGD! Love the finish on that one. The quilt looks really great like you said. Enjoy it

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    What are your thoughts on that adjustable wrap around bridge vs. the standard one??
    I actually prefer PRS's standard bridge. I think it is a gorgeous, elegant design but if you want the benefit of piezo then
    you have to have the adjustable type.

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    I'm sorry I'm not much help on the sonic side. For me it is mechanical. I require a very low action and the adjustable bridge is taller than the standard wrap around which leaves less
    adjustment. Let me be clear...this is not a defect of the PRS bridge at all. I can easily achieve factory spec or even lower with the adjustable bridge. My preferred setup just works better
    with the standard bridge. Since I have to keep the adjustable bridge for the piezo on this guitar I am taking another approach, which is to use TonePros locking studs which I can
    shorten if need be to give me the adjustment I need.

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    That, my friend, is a gorgeous guitar.

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    Looks great! Congrats and welcome!

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