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Thread: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: The Story And The Initial Tone Report

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    Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: The Story And The Initial Tone Report

    Sometime last year, I got the idea that I needed a maple small jumbo. I'd had a Collings that I liked, well, two actually, but I no longer had them. And in any event, I was more excited about what PRS did with the Tonare Grand Custom I had. The Tonare is pretty close in shape to the traditional small jumbo. So I decided I'd sell the Tonare, and order the same thing with maple sides and back. Simple, right?

    Wrong. PS only.

    And I wanted a carbon fiber truss rod.

    PS only by last year (it had been standard on my '11 Tonare).

    Well, I found that my recordings worked better with maple over the years, and I was determined. And I wanted the carbon fiber. So I called Jack Gretz, my trusted friend and PRS dealer. Jack asked questions, we discussed my goals with the guitar, and we got the process going.

    I told him that I wasn't really keen on traveling to pick out the woods, since I have no idea what I'm doing in a wood room anyway, and it seemed like PRS could just pick something out. Then Jack said, "Tell you what, Schef, I'll go pick out the woods at Experience for you." I thought that was pretty cool. What I didn't know at the time was that Paul Reed Smith would be going to the wood room with Jack. And that together, at Experience 2012, they'd pick out some pretty fantastic lumber!

    Here's the Addy top; the top on an acoustic guitar is like the speaker in a speaker cabinet. It's the thing that moves the air, and this was a primo piece of wood, destined for a great sounding guitar:

    Oh, why, um...yes, that will do.

    Did I get lucky? You bet. But methinks a lot of my "luck" was because I dealt with Jack.

    More to come in Part 2, but my laptop needs a charge.
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